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Best tips for choosing the best mirror for your room
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Best tips for choosing the best mirror for your room

Using mirrors as wall decor is a great way to make use of a blank space and provide the impression of more room in a small house. Wall mirrors are great for expanding the visual space of a small room by reflecting natural light.

The challenge comes in picking out the perfect mirror for your walls. These are the factors you need  to consider while selecting a wall mirror.


1.    Consider the size of the mirror and the room

When looking for decorative mirrors for sale, size is the most crucial consideration. Both the size of the wall on which you plan to hang the mirror and the desired effect will be primary factors in determining the mirror’s final dimensions.

If you want the mirror to draw attention to itself, choose one that is at least one metre wide; otherwise, a mirror that is only 30 centimetres broad will do the trick.

A large mirror can open the space in a smaller room, and it can also serve as a stunning backdrop for your dining area. Place a small mirror over the mantle or entryway to provide depth and light reflection to the room without making the space look too busy.

2.    Play around with the shape

Mirror shape should also be considered. While square and rectangular mirrors for sale are the most popular, there are also many round and oval mirrors available. The mirror’s ultimate function should be taken into account while deciding on its shape.

An accent mirror’s sole purpose is to draw attention to a certain area of the room, reflect a painting, or illuminate the area without drawing notice to the mirror itself.

Therefore, basic shapes are preferable since they may be integrated into the existing decor to achieve the desired effect without detracting from the aesthetics of the space.

In contrast, mirrors with unusual designs like triangles, stars, or diamonds are guaranteed to catch the viewer’s attention.


3.    Choose the right style for your space

In contrast to selecting a mirror for the walls, which should primarily serve as a reflective surface, framed mirrors inherently enrich the decor of any area they are placed in. Whole-wall mirrors don’t need fancy frames, and decorative accent mirrors should have simple frames made of wood, metal, or plastic to avoid drawing too much attention to themselves.

On the other hand, choosing a glitzy, ornate, or creative frame creates an eye-catching conversation starter.

A mirror with a tiled mosaic-style frame, an elegant metal frame, or a beautiful stained-glass frame can greatly enhance the visual appeal of a room.


4.    Consider colour contrasts

Though colour contrast is crucial in decorating, it’s best to match the mirror’s frame to the wall it will be hanging on. You can’t go wrong with a classic black, white, or wooden frame, but if you want to give your home a luxurious feel, try utilising metallic tones like gold or silver instead.

In addition, you can coordinate the colour of the mirror’s frame with a single accent colour, like the colour of the throw pillows in your living room. This is a great way to draw attention to a single colour in any room.

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