How to Use Mirrors and Glass in Your Home Office

The Covid 19 pandemic has forced a lot of businesses and employees to think and work outside of the box, it has accelerated the adoption of remote work practices that are here to stay.  Now that you work at home some or all of the time, it's time to take a look at the easy ways to create a calming work space with mirror décor.

Increase Your Office Space

Is your home office more like a closet than a real room? If the small space is cramped and confining, you need to get creative to enlarge your at-home office.

The easiest ways to create a visual illusion of space in your office is to:

Let the Light In

Is your home office dark or dim? Whether the room doesn't have a window, you work in a garage-turned-office, or you have limited natural light, you can use mirrors to brighten the area.

The top ways to create a lighter look through strategic mirror/glass placement include:

  • Reflect the light with a mirror . Do you have at least one window in the room? Place a mirror across from a window. This intensifies the light and can help to open up a cramped space.
  • Add glass furniture or shelving . Heavy wood or dark building materials won't brighten the office space. Choose clear glass shelving units, glass tabletops, or other similar custom-created furniture pieces to lighten the look of your office.
Along with these visual illusions, create a light backdrop for your mirrors to reflect with neutral paint hues. Choosing an ivory or pastel hue, the mirrors will multiply the light airy feel of the subtle tones.

Add to the Aesthetics

Is your home office bare? While mirrors and glass can serve a functional purpose, these products can also add to the room's overall aesthetics. If your at-home workspace lacks style, use mirrors or glass to:

  • Create an artistic space . Decorate the room with contemporary or French ornate mirrors instead of plain rectangles.


  • Dress up your desk. A plain desk doesn't say much about your sense of style. If you don't want to overhaul your home office, create a custom glass desk or use mirrored panels to add a special touch.

These small artistic changes can transform your work area into a designer space that you would want to spend your time in and be more productive.