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How To Pick The Right Bathroom Mirror
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How To Pick The Right Bathroom Mirror

When it comes to bathroom décor, a mirror is the one element that receives far less attention that it deserves. After all, you use your mirror in the bathroom every single day and is a critical element for grooming, yet it is also one of the easiest ways in which you can inject style and character into the bathroom. 

Changing a bathroom mirror is far cheaper than replacing, say, a toilet or sink. And the style and design of the mirror goes a long way in enhancing the rest of the bathroom’s look and ambience.

Bathroom mirrors can be styled up to become quite the focal point of the space, with ideas like striking frames and lighting fixtures going a long way in turning an ordinary wall mirror into an element of beauty. 

But even though choosing a mirror can be fun and easy, it should be met with some degree of planning and consideration.


1. Consider the size

Style and design aside, think about your mirror’s size in relation to the rest of the space, especially the vanity unit. Although there are exceptions, a large bathroom mirror generally shouldn’t be wider than the vanity itself.  

In terms of height, a mirror only needs to reach about 30cm above and below the eyeline of the user. Of course the more height you can get, the better, as this will ensure extra viewing angles and give the bathroom a more open feeling. Try to span at least 1.2 – 2m above the floor. 

To help you determine the perfect mirror height, measure from the base of the vanity up to the lighting. Determine if you want a gap between the top of the mirror and the lights or if you want them flush. To avoid water spots, consider placing the mirror about 15cm above the vanity.


2. Decide between framed or unframed

While you’re sifting through different round, square, small and large bathroom mirrors, consider framing. While it’s true that framed mirrors add another dimension of style, they are also bulkier. They can also take up more surface area, which can be an issue if you’re pressed for space. 


3. Consider your bathroom’s style

Bathroom mirrors are available in a multitude of styles, colours and shapes. Using a different shape for your bathroom mirror can ensure a stunning focal point, as long as the design enhances the rest of the space, and there’s a link between existing hues and textures. 


4. Don’t ignore that round mirror just yet

Sundown, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Modern bathroom

Speaking of shapes, just because rectangular mirrors are the norm doesn’t mean you’re forced to follow suit. A round mirror can be a great way to bring some curves into an otherwise straight-lined room, ensuring a soft touch and relaxed mood. 

A round mirror can also be a great companion piece for a pedestal basin, as the curved lines between the two can ensure a visual link. In addition, circular designs leave more negative space around the ‘corners’ than rectangular ones, if you’re doing anything possible to avoid a cramped look. 

5. Do take your lifestyle into consideration

In addition to being beautiful, your bathroom mirror must also be practical. Do you share your bathroom with a partner and kiddies, resulting in a need for plenty of mirror space? Are you and your spouse always blocking each other’s way (one is shaving, the other’s brushing teeth…) while preparing for work in the mornings? Perhaps two separate mirrors can work wonders for your morning routine? 

You may feel limited by outlets or wall sconces, but luckily a mirror can be custom cut to ensure perfect dimensions for your bathroom space.


6. Do think about multiple mirrors

Fortunate enough to have a wide vanity in your bathroom, especially one with multiple sinks? Then don’t discount the benefit of multiple mirrors. Opting for several tall, skinny mirrors can also help to give a bathroom a more vertical look, emphasising the height of the space. 

On the other hand, using a single large mirror opens up the room by reflecting more of the opposite walls. 

Of course multiple mirrors can still work with only one sink. In fact, centring a mirror on the sink and then adding a second mirror symmetrical to the first can make the entire composition look more balanced, compared to just one singular mirror. 

In the end, the choice comes down to your personal style and your bathroom’s space.


Article Source: Homify
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