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Atmosphere Furniture: 5 Ways With Mirrors In Your Interior
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Atmosphere Furniture: 5 Ways With Mirrors In Your Interior

A mirror is an important element in interior design. Without even giving it too much thought, we actually use mirrors every day, whether we’re brushing our teeth, applying our make up, checking out our reflection or getting ready to head out on the town. Mirrors are truly phenomenal little items and often overlooked. But today we want to encourage you to make the most of your interior design with the right choice of mirror. Here are five ways with mirrors for a spectacular end result.


Ensure the reflection is something spectacular

Mirror placement is key in the home. Avoid placing a mirror in a space, just because nothing else seems to fit. Your mirror placement should take into account the areas that your mirror will be reflecting. In a living room, allow your mirrors to reflect light, or a garden view, and magically make your space feel more airy and open to the outdoors. This is a powerful trick you can use when next choosing a mirror for your interior.



As mentioned above, we use mirrors in a very practical way, almost every day. As such, it is important to place mirrors in areas where you can make the most out of their function. Areas like a bathroom, walk-in closet or powder room are important.

Above the bathroom vanity is a prime example. However, do not make the mistake of placing your mirror at an inconvenient height. Think about the people living in your home and how they will best utilise your mirrors. Are they taller or shorter than your mirror placement? Therefore it is important to place your mirror where it can be seen with ease!

Let the mirror be a statement piece

Yes, mirrors are very practical items, but your choice of mirror can influence the design style of your room. Consider the shape, size and frame of your mirror for maximum impact. You could also invest in an entire gallery wall of mirrors for a wonderfully refreshing feature in your home. This would look amazing in a hallway or along a staircase!

Proportions matter

All for balance and a streamlined look in your room. If, for example, you’re placing a mirror above a mantel, or between windows, make sure that it is dead centre, so as to not distract from the overall look of your space. Size does matter too. In fact, a smaller mirror on a large wall can feel out of place. Instead, invest in a larger statement mirror to make the most of your interior.

Where not to hang a mirror?

Mirrors are wonderful, but there are some places you should certainly avoid. For instance, do not hang a mirror that will only reflect clutter in your home. It may do more harm than good.

Another area that could do without a mirror, is the kitchen. In fact, feng shui experts typically advise against placing mirrors in the kitchen—especially if they’re facing a stove—because such placement is believed to host negative energy. So if you’re contemplating a mirrored backsplash, you may want to rethink things.

Whether you’re looking to refresh a tired room, or want to implement some of the designer tricks we’ve presented to you today, a mirror is often a great choice.

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Article source and credit: Décor & Design

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