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4 Ways a mirror can make your small space look and feel bigger
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4 Ways a mirror can make your small space look and feel bigger

Anyone knows that a mirror can make a room appear bigger and brighter than it really is, but when it comes to actually hanging one in your home, it can be tough to make the right mounting moves. 

When starting your mirror journey, you need to ask these key questions: What kind of frame would work best in my surrounding and with my decor? Where exactly do you hang a mirror to max out its potential?  


Get the height right

Unless you’re hanging a mirror over a headboard or a mantle, the sweet spot for a mirror placement is at the average person’s eye level. This goes for artwork, too; a common hanging height can become a thread of continuity and this will tie your space together.


Create a window 

If you have a small room without windows, a mirror like our Arch mirror that cut and frame mimics a window can open the space and prevent a sense of claustrophobia. The Arch Mirror will also serve as a focal point in the room.


Stand tall

A tall mirror draws the eye upward, instantly making the room feel more spacious.



Go big

The oversized mirror is the favourite “weapon” of many interior designers. A large mirror such as the Jupiter Leaning mirror complements any room's décor, while seamlessly making the room appear much larger.


Fore more inspiration and featured looks, visit our social media pages to keep up to date with the trendiest mirrors & placement tips. 

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